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Smokey Robinson Plastic Surgery Before and After

Smokey Robinson whose age is 73, is a veteran singer from America. Even though he is not young anymore, but it seems he is still strongly obsessed to make his appearance youthful. It was seen from his current appearance that looked so smooth without signs of aging. What kinds of plastic surgery he did?
A plastic surgeon, Dr. Anthony Youn had seen his look and claimed that some plastic surgeries had been done by him in recent years. Those plastic surgeries are facelift, eyelid surgery and browlift.

Smokey Robinson Plastic Surgery
Smokey Robinson Plastic Surgery

it is actually known as the most favorite procedure that was used by most celebrities. As everybody know, the facelift was used to tighten facial skin. In this case, the facelift must have been done by Smokey Robinson. The facelift had made his face so tight. The facelift was done well enough. However, for a man in the age of 70, he looked too unnatural. The people even dare to claim that if only he maintain his look in more natural way, he could get better and fresh look.

Smokey Robinson might think that facelift is the shortcut to maintain his look, even though he need to spent a lot of money from his wallet.
In the other hand, Dr. Youn criticized that Smokey had done his face overdone.

the eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) made his eyes done, but it left an unnatural shape of the eyes. While the browlift was unnecessarily done by him. The upper position of the brow might also be caused by the botox injection that made it upper.

Smokey had struggled to fight the aging by having plastic surgeries, but in truth, he didn’t look like the same person as many people have known. He should try to live in more natural way.

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