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Former SNSD Member, Jessica Jung Plastic Surgery

Jessica Jung is no longer a member of SNSD, a popular Korean girl band. This news made a lot of people shocked. Many people don’t believe it. But thing had already happened. According to some medias, Now Jessica Jung still focused on her fashion business.

Jessica is also known well as Krystal Jung’s sister. And Jessica Jung plastic surgery is not a new story. It will be reviewed below. Jessica Jung probably did some procedures including jaw surgery, nose job and possible double eyelid surgery. These plastic surgeries combination is very favorite in Korea as beauty problem solver.

Jessica Jung Plastic Surgery
Jessica Jung Plastic Surgery

Double eyelid surgery

This kind of procedure is not rare. Many Korean celebrities had gone under this procedure. This surgery can help the user to make their eyes more open.  You might remember well about Nana After School, Lee Bo Young, park Min Young, etc. They are few of many celebrities who got double eyelid surgery.

Nose job

The second procedure was a nose job (rhinoplasty). If you take a look at the picture, her nose changed so significantly. As the result, the nose looked so perfect and match to her face. It’s a supporting procedure that refine her face.

Former SNSD Jessica Jung Plastic Surgery
Former SNSD Jessica Jung Plastic Surgery

Jaw Surgery

And another surgery that gave significant impact was the jaw surgery. You might realize it. Jessica used to have bigger jaw like you see in the before picture. And after the surgery done. Her jaw looked smaller. the shape of her face even looked more oval now. this surgery made her ordinary look become more special and beautiful.

You have already known that she is one of the most beautiful among the Girls generation Members. Now her beautiful look supported her talent very well for Jessica has a very beautiful voice as well.

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