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Soleil Moon Frye Plastic Surgery Through Breast Reduction

Commonly, the women love to have big boobs. They thought if big boobs can boost their confidence. Moreover, big boobs is also considered as the sign of sexiness. That’s why many of them decided to go under the knife to get the perfect breasts. Jennifer Aniston, the beautiful actress and comedian is one of the celebrities who made her breasts bigger (read more about Jennifer Aniston plastic surgery). However, not all the women felt the same way.

Soleil Moon Frye Breast Reduction
Soleil Moon Frye Breast Reduction

Soleil Moon Frye has her own story for her big boobs in the past. She used to have an extremely big breasts. She got 38DD breast size. You might wonder how big it is. Based on some news, she didn’t feel comfortable with that size. It also appeared unbalance for her body. Unfortunately, she became some people’s bullying target due to the big boobs. After having hard days with it, she then decided to get plastic surgery. She wanted to get her breasts smaller.

Soleil Moon Frye Plastic Surgery

Soleil Moon Frye breast reduction was done nicely. The DD cup breast had been reshaped to be C cup breasts. The breast reduction had built her confidence more. Don’t you know that Soleil Moon Frye plastic surgery was done when she was still so young, more or less 16 years old. She was one of young celebrities to go under plastic surgery.

How did she response to her decision?

Despite it became controversial movement, Soleil explained that the breast reduction was done as her own will. This would heal her psychologically and physically. As the time passed, it seems she enjoyed how she look now.

Soleil Moon Frye Plastic surgery was performed by Dr. Steven Zax, plastic surgeon from Beverly Hills. It needed 6 hours to finish the work. What do you have in mind about Soleil Moon Frye breast reduction? Leave your idea in the comment box.

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