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Sooyoung SNSD Plastic Surgery

SNSD is a very popular girl band from Korea. Moreover, this group has 8 beautiful, young and talented members. Earlier, there are 9 members in SNSD. Because of some problems, Jessica Jung walked out from the group.

Beside their popularity in K-Pop world, there are some rumors that said some most of SNSD members had gone under the knife. SNSD Plastic surgery become hot topic among the chatters. Controversially, this thread invited a lot of comments pros and cons.

Sooyoung Plastic Surgery
Sooyoung Plastic Surgery

Sooyoung plastic surgery is one of shocking news among the members. Sooyoung was said having some plastic surgery as enhancements to make her face more beautiful. Was it true? by comparing the before and after picture, you might find the truth. Some plastic surgery procedures that she might do including double eyelid surgery, nose job and jaw surgery. It reminded us to Park Min Young and IU.

Double eyelid surgery

This kind of procedure had been so popular in Korea. As you know that, in common, the Korean people got narrow eyes. In order to make a more open eyes, they did the double eyelid. Sooyoung might get this as well. Her eyes didn’t look as narrow as she used to have.

Sooyoung Plastic Surgery
Sooyoung Plastic Surgery

Nose Job and Jaw Surgery

Sooyoung also might get nose job (rhinoplasty). If you take a look at the before and after picture, the change on-her nose looked obvious. Its shape looked narrower now. Her new nose looked match on her face. She looked so pretty. The procedure gave a  positive thing for her appearance.

And, another surgery that she actually got was the jaw surgery. Sooyoung’s face looked more oval now.

Talking about Korean plastic surgery so far, many people loved how the plastic surgeon works. Many Korean celebrities had taken the advantage. There’s only a few of them that got poor result. Park Bom 2NE1 is one of celebrity who got overdone work,

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