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Sophie Monk Plastic Surgery Before and After

Sophie Monk is known well as an Australian singer who was born in United Kingdom. She is also a model and actress. She played roles in some movies. She even played with Adam Sandler in “Click”.

Sophie Monk Plastic Surgery
Sophie Monk Plastic Surgery

Talking about Sophie’s appearance, she was actually listed among the plastic surgery users. She did a procedure on her lips. She got fillers injection. However, she didn’t feel happy with the result. Sophie Monk plastic surgery on the lips didn’t run as she expected. In an interview with Who Magazine in 2011. She expressed how disappointed she was with the surgery result.

Sophie told that she was advised by a plastic surgeon to balance the shape of her lips (Earlier, half of her lips was removed with cyst). She trusted the doctor. But it ended poorly.

You can see the before and after picture to find the change. Her lips turned fuller than before. she got too much fillers injected. Sophie Monk Plastic surgery had gone wrong.

Sophie was not the only one star who got fail fillers injection. Lisa Rinna was also reported having bad day with her lips. Lisa’s lips looked weird and unusual. (read more about Lisa Rinna plastic surgery )

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