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Sridevi Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Sridevi Kapoor is known best as a Bollywood actress. And now she has been 51 years old, a half of century. Many people wondered how she could maintain her appearance so far. Was it plastic surgery? Due to the lack of information and sources, the people can only see and judge from her beforeĀ  and after pictures.

Sridevi Plastic Surgery
Sridevi Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery in India is not rare. Many celebrities from this country had gone under the knife. You might know well about Ayesha Takia or Kareena Kapoor. The queen bee, Sridevi might go through the procedures as well. It was seen from her current appearance. she didn’t look like common 51 years old woman. She looked much younger.

Botox injection

the first possible procedure she got was the botox injection. she might get botox injected on her face regularly. As you see, her face looked so flawless and smooth. It has no wrinkles left. The botox injection could be true.
Commonly a celebrity will got combination of facelift and botox to get perfect look. But in this case, we didn’t see a sign of facelift on her face. It could be her beautiful gene. Her face looked naturally fresh.

Sridevi Plastic Surgery Before and After
Sridevi Plastic Surgery Before and After

nose job
another plastic surgery that she might get on her face was the nose job. You could see the before and after picture. You will see that her nose looked narrower. Compare to the previous one, the tip of the new nose looked smaller and more pointed. It looked nicely done.

Talking about the speculation, Sridevi didn’t admit anything. She had denied all the speculations. Sridevi told the the media that she did many activities to keep her appearance more youthful. She did yoga, played tennis, went diet and many more. So unfortunate that she didn’t say anything about the shape of her new nose. What do you have in mind seeing her great look???

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