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Stevie Nicks Plastic Surgery Before and After Botox

Stephanie Lynn Nicks is best known as Stevie Nicks. She is 66 years old, but her appearance looked maintained very well. What’s the secret of her young appearance? When she was asked about it, Stevie Nicks plastic surgery was finally revealed by herself to the media. She told that she had done Botox injection in the past regularly.
Besides, she also did her breast done through a breast implants, and removed them too.

Stevie Nicks Plastic Surgery
Stevie Nicks Plastic Surgery

Botox injection
This kind of procedure is very popular among the celebrities. It might have been a need for them. They got Botox in order to make their appearance younger than they should be. Stevie Nicks also did the same thing. The wrinkles and lines that should appear on her face was no longer exist. It had been removed by the Botox.
However, Stevie claimed that she didn’t like the result of Botox. She felt like someone different. Even though the result was nice, Stevie still reminded the women to not to get Botox to save their young look. This was not a good way. The Botox maintained a beauty unnaturally.
Dr. Anthony Young was interested about it. He also noticed the Botox injection looked so clear on her face. Dr. Youn realized that the Stevie’s different look was caused by this injection. Stevie than tried to live in more natural way.

Stevie Nicks Plastic Surgery Breast
Stevie Nicks Plastic Surgery Breast

Breast Transformation
The Botox injection is not the only surgery that she got for her appearance. Stevie also got breast implants in the past. This kind of procedure had already made the size of her breast bigger than before. But, Stevie stated that she final removed the implants with breast reduction procedures, even though some plastic surgeon told that it was painful.

Stevie Nick today spent her old days in healthier life style. And we hope that she still keep her promise to live without surgery. What do you think of her appearance?

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