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Susan Lucci Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

in America, especially Hollywood, when the person is getting older, they will be braver to take a shortcut and fight the aging. They wanted to be younger than their age. Susan Lucci, 66, looked youthful for a woman in her age. That’s why the people speculated that the old lady had one under the some procedures and improve her appearance. Some procedures that she got including, facelift, botox, cheek implants, breast implants, and chemical peel too.

Susan Lucci Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture
Susan Lucci Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

facelift and botox injection

there’s a big question about her current appearance. How can she stay so youthful when her age is getting older time to time. She still look youthful with no sagging skin and wrinkles. the facelift and botox could be reasonable.

She might get her facelift and tighten her face. As you see in the after picture, her face didn’t look old. It completely tight and smooth. Beside that an amount of botox was said as a thing that save her forehead from any wrinkles approaching.

cheek implants
this procedure was done for an enhancement. To complete the rejuvenating steps, she took cheek implants and made her cheek fuller. The combination of botox facelift and this procedure created a youthful an fresh face. Some people might feel surprised after knowing that the smooth and fresh lady had been over 60.

Susan Lucci Plastic surgery Breast implants
Susan Lucci Plastic surgery Breast implants

breast implants.
another obvious enhancement on her latest appearance was the breast size. Susan’s breast looked different in size. her current breast looked bigger than before. It should be a breast implants.

beside those enhancements, Susan also got her chemical peel in order to keep her skin clean and clear. It’s really helpful to keep someone’s appearance great and youthful.This procedure also remove all the dead cell.

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