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Susan Sullivan Plastic Surgery Before and After

Susan Sullivan is a veteran actress from America. Sullivan is best known for her roles as Lenore Curtin Delaney on soap opera Another World (1971-1976). She has spent a lot of time in entertainment industry. She has been 73 years old now. How’s her appearance? Some of you might feel surprised. She didn’t look that old. There’s  big possibility that she went under the knife. Do you think that Susan Sullivan plastic surgery true?

You might compare the before and after picture. Considering from her age and look, it seems she had done some procedures including facelift, botox and eyelid surgery. Those procedures have been used by many celebrities in fighting te aging problem. Susan may have them as well.

Susan Sullivan Plastic Surgery Before and After
Susan Sullivan Plastic Surgery Before and After

Susan Sullivan facelift and botox injection.

The most obvious procedures are botox and facelift. You may know those procedures so well. You might  remember how well Hillary Clinton facelift done. The politician successfully made her appearance younger with tight facial skin.

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Susan Sullivan Facelift
Susan Sullivan Facelift

Susan Sullivan may get facelift too. Her current appearance looked having tight and fresh facial skin. Compared to the other women in the same age, she looks much younger. Therefore Susan Sullivan plastic surgery through facelift was reasonable

the usage of botox should have important role for her face. It was seen from the surface of her forehead. It appears without wrinkles. Those annoying signs of aging must be removed with botox. We are pretty sure that she still got botox regularly.

Another plastic surgery that she got was the eyelid surgery. This procedure should be the reason why her ayes looked fresh without wrinkles and bag surround it. This is a popular supporting procedure to rejuvenate the face.

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