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Suzanne Somers Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong Before and After

Suzanne Somers is best known as a n actress. And she is also a survival patient from the breast cancer. Media reported that Suzanne had got a tough time with the plastic surgery procedures. The 66 years old woman didn’t get the best application with surgery. It made her face looked unnatural. Seeing from the before and after picture, it seems she got botox injection, facelift and filler injection on her face. but, she didn’t control the usage.

Suzanne Somers Plastic Surgery Before and After
Suzanne Somers Plastic Surgery Before and After

A popular plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Salzhauer commented about Suzanne’s new look. He noticed that Suzanne looked so different because of the cosmetic surgery she got. She can’t be recognized. The botox, facelift and fillers are the things that made it.


being a youthful face could be the reason why Suzanne got some procedures on her face. the botox could be one of them. this procedure had made her upper face looked fresh and rejuvenated. She didn’t get any winkles left. her forehead looked so flawless. It appeared too smooth and unnatural. It could be said as an overdone work. She is not lucky.

this kind of procedure must have been done by her too.It was clearly seen. She got her face tighter for a common woman in that age. Dr. Paul Nassif even claimed that Suzanne didn’t get any good things through the procedure. She is almost unrecognizable. the combination of both botox and facelift, made her face got more frozen.

Fillers injection
Suzanne also got bad thing through fillers injection. This procedure made her cheek looked so full and swollen. Moreover, her thick lip was said as the result of the fillers injection too.
Talking about her plastic surgery result, many people feel sympathized with this. She didn’t find any advantage from this. The surgery had gone wrong.

Suzanne Somers Plastic Surgery
Suzanne Somers Plastic Surgery

Breast reconstruction

Further, Suzanne also had gone under a breast reconstruction. She got this thing due to the cause of breast cancer several years ago. a Japanese plastic surgeon, Dr. Kotaro Yoshimura worked together with her to do it. Dr Kotaro is the founder of stem cell reconstruction. Dr. Joel Aronowitz, another plastic surgeon helped her combining the fat (taken from liposuction process) with the stem-cell reconstruction. Suzanne then got her breast back.

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