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Tamar Braxton Plastic Surgery Before and After

Plastic surgery is a very popular thing in celebrity world. Many of them (the celebrities) had gone under the knife to get better or even perfect look. You must ever know about some popular stars who felt unsatisfied with their appearance. Then they went under the knife to solve the beauty problem. Breast implants, nose job, facelift are some popular procedures that were done by a lot of celebrities.

Tamar Braxton was reported having plastic surgery procedures. And the thread of Tamar Braxton plastic surgery was no longer new topic. It has been discussed for years. And in 2013, Tamar explained about the speculation with In the interview, Tamar told that she actually didn’t get plastic surgery for beauty reason. It was done as medical reason.

Tamar Braxton plastic Surgery Nose Job
Tamar Braxton plastic Surgery Nose Job

Tamar briefly explained that she got breathing problem that made her uncomfortable to breathe. She got no cartilage in her nose. So that she needed to reconstruct it. Tamar Braxton nose job (rhinoplasty) was done nicely. It didn’t only make her breathing better. The shape of her new nose also looked elegant and match to her face. It was a double advantage.

Seeing from her current appearance. Tamar might get botox injection to refresh her face. And the sin of this procedure was seen fro her forehead. In her current age, 38, she didn’t look having ay wrinkles or lines. It completely smooth. This made the speculation about Tamar Braxton plastic surgery through botox is more possible.

Tamar Braxton Breast Implants Possibility
Tamar Braxton Breast Implants Possibility

Last but not least, there was another change on her appearance. Tamar got bigger size of boobs. Could it be Tamar Braxton breast implants? However, some people believed that the change of her boobs size might turn bigger naturally after the pregnancy. What do you have in mind about Tamar Braxton plastic surgery? did she go under those procedures?

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