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Tawny Kitaen Plastic Surgery Before and After

Tawny Kitaen might be one of the most shocking actress who got significant changes through plastic surgery. The work of surgery procedures can be seen obviously in the before and after pictures. Her face looked so plastic.

hat kinds of plastic surgery that made er different so far? The procedures included botox, facelift, fillers injection, and cheek implant. The 53 years old actress looked struggling to fight the aging problem. Unfortunately, it seems her effort didn’t give her good advantage. Let’s check this out

Tawny Kitaen Plastic Surgery
Tawny Kitaen Plastic Surgery

Tawny Kitaen facelift and botox injection

we have already known about these works. The facelift and botox can be great combination when it was done well. The user can get more youthful look and become younger. In Tawny Kitaen plastic surgery case, the work of the combination didn’t run well. It even made her face looked unnatural and frozen.

Tawny had her forehead smooth and wrinkle-less by having botox injection. She got too much amount of botox injected. the facelift might also be the reason of her very tight facial skin. She looked having some difficulties in moving her face.

Tawny Kitaen Plastic Surgery Before and After
Tawny Kitaen Plastic Surgery Before and After

Fillers Injection and Cheek implants

The work of fillers injection was seen clearly on her ace. If you take a look at the shape of the lips, you might realize that some amount of fillers like juvederm or restylane had been injected. the lips appeared fuller. However, some people thought tat it was unnecessary work.  Further, Tawny Kitaen’s Cheek looked having fuller shape. This is clearly a cheek implant.

Seeing from her appearance, many people question what she hope froom the surgery. Was she obsessed to be more youthful by having surgery? They hoped that Tawny Kitaen won’t do any surgery in the future. The work was just wasting money and time. Many people feel surprised about her appearance. Tawny Kitaen cheek Implant is the most shocking one.


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