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Taylor Armstrong Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Taylor armstrong’s fresh look in this age has been discussed by many people and fans in discussing forum. Even though she didn’t publicly tell the truth about her work, It was seen obviously. Compare to her previous picture, Taylor Armstrong looked fresher and smoother. There was an indication of plastic surgery.

Taylor Armstrong Plastic Surgery Before and After
Taylor Armstrong Violence

Earlier, Taylor’s name also become more popular this year due to a violent case with her husband.Radar online reported that His husband, Russell clearly made Taylor hurt physically after the violent. And taylor was forced to go to hospital. Sadly, afther the violence, Mr. Russell decided to end his life with suicide. After the violence, the media also reported that she went to plastic surgeon’s office.

Reconstructive Surgery.
As Radar online had reported, Taylor Armstrong got bad luck after the violence with Russell. She got some injury on her face too. Then she decised to go under plastic surgery to refine her look. Taylor went under the knife for health reason not for enhancement. She fixed some parts of her body by removing the scar etc.

The people thought that she deserved to get plastic surgery to make her appearance back to normal. And it’s not too controversial. However, the media and people noticed that the botox must have been injected on her face

Taylor armstrong plastic surgery Before After
Taylor armstrong plastic surgery Before After


Botox Injections

In recent years the botox was even possibly done before she fought her husband. And it was seen clearly from her face. She didn’t look that old like her age, 40. The botox injecuion made her face smooth without any wrinkles. The botox had removed all the lines and wrinkles and set her face in more youthful look.

The lip augmentation

made her lips looked more nutritious and fuller. In this case, some people questioned why she did it while she didn’t get problem with the shape of her lips. her lips looked weird and unnaturally full. The people wondered who is the one she obsessed. Is that angelina Jolie?

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