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Taylor Swift Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job, Boob Job

Taylor Swift has become a global icon in the realms of music, film, and modeling. Starting at the ripe age of fifteen as a budding country singer, she has transformed into one of the world’s most beloved pop stars. She is known as not only one of the most recognizable and well liked people in the international market, she is also revered as one of the most beautiful people to be in the spotlight today. A global icon who has been gorgeous from childhood to her budding adult years.

But it seems that fans and experts are beginning to think it’s not only her poppy, country sound that has changed throughout the years. They speculate that over the past 10 years in the spotlight that Taylor Swift has had multiple secret surgeries of the plastic and Botox persuasion. This includes, but is not limited to, a nose job, a chin reduction, Botox shots to the cheeks and forehead, breast implants, and butt implants.

The speculation of plastic surgeries around Taylor Swift have been incredibly hush-hush in the social media scene. Swift tends to be rather personal and keeps her secrets close to her chest, unless it has to do with her ungrateful ex boyfriends.

Right now we are going to list through all of Taylor Swift’s speculated plastic surgeries, including her more obvious changes with her nose job and butt implants. Keep reading to learn about it all.

Before the surgery

Before the speculation of any surgeries, Taylor Swift had been regarded as one of the most beautiful people to join the music media business. With her light feathery hair and baby doll eyes, she had captured America in one go. And then her soulful and catchy lyrics expanded her beauty further because it displayed her large array of media talents.

So, it was a little jarring for many on lookers to see her face make slight changes over the years. The most noticeable can be seen in the straight and narrow angular shape of her new nose and the added wideness to her eyes. She has an abundance of funds to have surgery done by the upmost surgeons, so the operation is hush hush and completely professional.

So here is a listing of all Taylor Swifts speculated and well known plastic surgery procedure. Some of those listed will seem other, but others are far beyond shocking.

Nose Jobs

Taylor Swift Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job
Taylor Swift Nose Job

This is the main source of plastic surgery concerning Taylor Swift’s face. Fans made an immediate uproar after a classic event photo shot in the Fall of 201 made its way into public domain. The obviously noticeable difference in her nose shape had jarred the public. Why would an already beautiful girl want to change such a vital facial feature?

Although not noticeable when just looking straight at Taylor Swift in photoshoots now, when you set her younger photos in line with her more recent photographs there is an obvious difference in nasal structure. Thus, even though it unconfirmed, many fans are convinced that the pop star has had a rhinoplastic procedure—possible more than one—done in the past years.

In the later, more modern phots one can notice the angular shape that now defines Taylor Swift’s nose. It seems that they whittled down at the edges, the nostrils, and the bride. Thus, her nose shape is incredibly similar to her natural nose shape. But the definition of its curvature and size has been detrimentally tampered with.

This is totally taken her fans aback, as many wish she had never gone under the knife because of her natural beauty being already perfect in their eyes. But, we speculate that dealing with the high unreal expectations of Hollywood that everyone wants to make a surgical change to come part of their body at some instance in their career. It seems that Taylor Swift is no exception and no stranger to that notion.

Breast Implants

Taylor Swift Plastic Surgery Boob JobTaylor Swift Plastic Surgery Boob Job

In the speculation over breast implantation and augmentation for Taylor Swift began in the spring of 2013 after a shot of her in a skin baring gown surfaced to the scene. Many saying that the curve and shape of her body was foreign to how she had presented herself in the past. Swift and her publication office were quick to silence these accusations. And to this day, they have made no comment on the possibility of Taylor’s breast change.

Fans speculate that she may have either just grown into her still growing adult body at the time. So her growth of bosom and cleavage was a natural endeavor. Otherwise, they are thoroughly convinced that she only had augmentation of her breasts so that they would be permanently heightened. But they are unconvinced that she actually had the insertion of silicon or actual breast implants placed in her body.

Multiple Eye Lifts and Eyelid Surgery

Another more obvious difference that can be seen when comparing Taylor Swifts older and younger photos is the presence of her eyes. They have always been one of the most striking features about her, so it was bound for someone to notice a difference in their shape and width.

They have speculated that the pop star has had two major eye distortion surgeries. This includes a blepharoplasty and a minor eye widening. You can see this through the expansion of her eyelids and the height of her eye width from the past years compared to later in her life.

It’s such an unorthodox surgery for Taylor Swift to have seeing as her eyes are such a striking feature of her. But, has noticeably happened. Perhaps it will be altered again in the future.

Lip Injections

Lip injections are all the rage nowadays. It’s a trend that has been going around social media for the past couple years, and now it seems that it has reached the beautiful pop star, Taylor Swift. Although not officially confirmed, many people speculate that the starlet has had a plumping injection to her bottom and top lip for a slight unnoticeable lip enhancement.

With this particular face modification being all the rage to rave about at the moment, we wouldn’t be surprised. However, we are sure that it was most likely a one-time try.

Butt Implants

There are more speculations circulating around Taylor Swift and this time it involves butt implants. Another very important trend in modern society has made its way to Taylor Swift. However, this one is speculated to literally be nothing but speculation.

People have reported that rom her more recent photos, circa 2015 to 2017, Taylor Swift’s butt looks a little fuller. Not to the extent of a Kardashian, but noticeable for them to see. However, everyone notable who has commented says that this ideal is nothing but open speculation with no fact. Of all the comments seem to prove false, but honestly no one but Taylor Swift herself will ever know the truth.

Forehead and Cheek Botox Shots

Botox is a very common procedure for celebrities in the spotlight. They always have to look forever young and effortlessly aging. However, we all thought Taylor Swift was doing that naturally. Apparently not.

In more recent photos of Taylor Swift, it looks like the forehead and cheek regions are extremely tight and strained. This is a common sign of Botox usage in smaller but noticeable doses. In her smile she can be seen having a frozen looking expression as well. As though, she can’t use her facial features in a natural range of motion.

It would seem that Taylor was not ageing as gracefully as everyone had hoped for her. Or maybe she is and it is just a conformity to high class society. Either way, we will never know as to why she has started the regular usage of Botox. Doesn’t look like she’ll be starting to stop using Botox anytime soon either.


Taylor Swift is continually becoming a pivotal figure in modern media. So her relation to surgery and body modification will have a high impact on older and younger people following her. This is an important thing to realize and notice in media so that the trends of body modification are positively displayed in social media.

The question now remains as to if this utilization of her secretive plastic surgeries will have any real effect on her booming career? Will they effect the standard of beauty that she has set up for herself in media?

But now we pass the question to you. We would like to hear from you all about your opinions on Taylor Swifts speculated list of plastic surgery alterations. Do you think that Taylor Swift’s surgeries are justified or necessary given her idealization as a beautiful figure? Do you feel more comfortable seeking plastic surgery now that you have seen her results or are her methods a little too expensive? Do you wish to no longer be her fan because of these personal life decisions?

Let us know what you think in your own comments below.


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