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The Evangelist, Paula White Plastic Surgery Before and After

Paula White is known best as an International Christian evangelist. Paula is quite popular among the people. She even become a host in a TV show entitled “Paula White Today”.

Surprisingly the 45 years old lady was said having plastic surgery enhancements to get perfect look. To make her appearance looked fresher and youthful she might go under some plastic surgery procedures like facelift, botox injection, fillers and cheek implants too.

Paula White Plastic Surgery Before and After
Paula White Plastic Surgery Before and After

Due to her age has been over 40, it seems she already got reason to go through the plastic surgery activities, the facelift and botox. These two procedures must have been done by her as an important part of her rejuvenatig program.

The facelift and botox

It had refreshed her face by re-tightening her facial skin. She should have sagging skin in that age, but we didn’t find it. It looked tight and fresh. While the botox injection was done nicely too on her upper face area. It removed the lines and wrinkles as sign of aging. By removing those wrinkles, she can become much younger than her own age.

even though she looked more youthful but some people criticized that Paula had lost her natural look. The plastic surgery had brought it away.

Paula White Plastic Surgery Before and After Facelift
Paula White Plastic Surgery Before and After Facelift

seeing from her current appearance and the old photo, she might get fillers injection and cheek implants too. her cheek implant might be done to make the rejuvenation more perfect. And the fillers was done for another enhancement, the fillers injection was done on her lips.

behind her active plastic surgery activity and addiction, there was a big news behind it. A media said that Paula white got her fund from stealing 2 million dollars worth equipments.


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