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Tina Turner plastic Surgery Before and After

The veteran singer, Tina Turner had made a lot of people surprised. If this is the first time you see her, then you might have mistake in judging her age. Tina Turner had been 75 years old, but her appearance didn’t look that old. That’s why, many people in discussion forums assumed that she had gone under some beauty enhancement. The botox and facelift were said as the main combination that give her youthful look back.

Tina Turner Plastic Surgery Before and After
Tina Turner Plastic Surgery Before and After

Was Tina Turner plastic surgery true?

This speculation is so reasonable. If you take a look at her current appearance with smooth look, we thought that it was strongly possible. Her face looked very smooth and wrinkle-less. An amount of botox should have been used in refining her face to be younger like today.

Further, the sign of facelift was seen clearly as well. Tina didn’t have any sagging skin. Compared to many women in the same age, she looked 20 years younger. The people saw that Tina Turner facelift ran successfully.

Besides having the facelift and botox, she might get fillers injection and eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) as supporting works. On the cheek area, you can see how well the fillers worked. The fillers might be the reason why she got fuller cheek.  While the eyelid surgery had refreshed her eyes to be more youthful and fresher.

Tina Turner Plastic Surgery
Tina Turner Plastic Surgery

Dr. Michael Salzhauer, a popular plastic surgeon had noticed this. As reported in makemeheal, The doctor saw that Tina Turner might be helped by botox injections, some kinds dermal fillers and blepharoplasty.

Talking about her current appearance, many people believe that Tina Turner plastic surgery was not just a pure rumor. The doctor’s help had taken care of her look till this age, 75. What do you think of Tina Turner plastic surgery? Did you think that it was just a rumor? Leave a comment and don’t forget to share.


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