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Tom Cruise Plastic Surgery Before and After, Fact or Rumor?

who doesn’t know this guy? Tom cruise is known well as a great actor from hollywood. And he had already starred various titles of movies. In 2014, he starred Edge of Tomorrow. There’s another interesting about the 52 years old man. The people noticed that he looked so ageless and youthful. He still got tight facial skin even though he is no longer young. This topic made a lot of people respond. One of shocking opinion was from a plastic surgeon, Dr. Anthony Youn.

Tom Cruise Plastic Surgery
Tom Cruise Plastic Surgery

Fillers and Botox Injection

Dr. Youn told a media that Tom’s current appearance showing a clear cosmetic surgery work. His face today looked puffy. The popular plastic surgeon even assumed that Tom got his sculptra on his face recently. It was seen from the shape of his face. It looked a bit swelling.

2014 was not the only year when the people feel surprised due to the surgery news, earlier, in 2012, The same doctor, Dr Youn believed that Katie Holmes’ ex-husband had gone under needle like botox injection to keep his appearance younger.

The speculation was reasonable. Tom’s nowadays looked maintaining his looked nicely. He still look hot and cool guy. Thre’s no doubt if he got surgery done so far.

Tom Cruise Nose Job
Tom Cruise Nose Job

Nose Job and Teeth Surgery

You should also know that rejuvenating was not only mystery about him. Few years ago, Tom Cruise might get his nose and teeth done too.

A nose job had made his nose changed significantly. compare to his nose in his younger age, the new nose looked having slimmer shape. The tip of the nose also looked smaller bit.

Tom Cruise Teeth Surgery
Tom Cruise Teeth Surgery

How’s the teeth surgery? Cruise’ teeth in this day looked neat and beautiful. If you see the previous picture, his teeth didn’t look that good.

If the speculation about him was true, Tom Cruise should be listed among the male actors who went under the knife. Billy Crystal, Silvester Stallone, Ryan Gosling, are some actors who went under the knife too


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