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Tom Hanks Plastic Surgery Fact or Rumor

Tom Hanks is known best as an American actor. He is also a good film maker. Tom has spent a ot of time in entertainment industry. He had already starred various titles of movies. Big, Cast Away, Captain Phillips are some of his movies. There’s interesting news about him that made a lot of people curious. Tom Hanks wa said having some enhancement to keep his appearance great as always. Moreover, he had been 58. This is a reasonable age to get some movement though.

Was Tom Hanks plastic surgery true?

Tom Hanks Plastic Surgery fact or Rumor
Tom Hanks Plastic Surgery fact or Rumor

This thread didn’t only attract many netizen and his fans. Some plastic surgeon even gave their opinion about Tom Hanks’ appearance.

Dr. Michael Salzhauer, a plastic surgeon ever explained about in 2011. Reported by makemeheal, Dr. Salzhauer told that  he noticed some works done. The procedures included hair restoration, botox and filler s injection.  It was seen from his face. He got flawless look. The doctor believed that he had been benefited by an amount of botox. While, the fillers also had nice wok in rejuvenating his face too.

In the other hand, a surgeon from Beverly Hills, Dr. Paul Nassif also got the same opinion as Dr. Salzhauer. In his explanation, he believed that the botox and fillers had been used by mister Hanks.

You might compare between his appearance in the before and after picture.

Tom Hanks Plastic Surgery
Tom Hanks Plastic Surgery

Tom Hanks Hair Restoration.

As the plastic surgeons had said, there was a possibility that Tom Hanks got hair restoration. However, it can’t be concluded easily. Dr. Paul Nassif told that  Tom Hanks hair transplant might be true, but it was hard to confirm unless the knowledge of his hair history.

Tom Hanks facelift possibility

Beside hair restoration, botox and fillers. Tom was also said having facelift. It was considered from his current appearance. he appeared with a smooth face, without sagging skin. The facelift might be done to retighten his facial skin

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