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Tom Selleck Plastic Surgery Speculation was Untrue

Tom Selleck, 70 is a veteran actor from America. He had spent a lot of time in this entertainment industry. 70 is not young age anymore. But his appearance looks younger and fresh. Some people believed that Tom has gone under the knife to rejuvenate his look. But in 2014, Tom explained that he didn’t go under any plastic surgery procedures.

Tom Selleck Plastic Surgery Speculation
Tom Selleck Plastic Surgery Speculation

Many people wondered what he had done to get fresh look. Tom Selleck looks 20 years younger than his own age. That’s why the thread of Tom Selleck plastic Surgery had become warm topic in some forums. The people assumed that she maybe benefited from the botox or facelift.

You may see the before and after picture, Tom’s current appearance looks great. And it may be too good to be called as natural one. When he was asked about plastic surgery possibility that he got,Tom explained that he did nothing on his face. He enjoyed his life style that maintain his look naturally without the doc’s help.  However, he didn’t against any kinds of plastic surgery. He may get a procedure in the future, as long as it didn’t disturb his work as an actor.

If only he really got natural look without any surgery, it could be a good reference for the other celebrities. That a god look could be got from a more natural and healthier lifestyle.

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You may have personal opinion about Tom Selleck plastic surgery. Do you think that he got natural look without a help from doctor? Leave your opinion in the available box.

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