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Toni Braxton Plastic Surgery Before and After

Toni Braxton who was so popular for her song in 1997, “Un-Break My Heart”, had changed a lot today.  This was actually caused by some beauty enhancements that she got. Tony Braxton plastic surgery might have given her new sensation. What kinds of procedures that she did? Those procedures included nose job, breast implants, and some fillers injection. And Toni had admitted them in 2010 on her twitter. She explained that she got her boobs and nose done in 1992. How was the fillers? She actually didn’t give any explanation about it. But the people saw it clearly on her face. Because this thing made her face different.

Toni Braxton Plastic Surgery Through Nose job
Toni Braxton Plastic Surgery Through Nose job

Toni Braxton plastic surgery through fillers and botox injection.

Enhancing appearance through beauty enhancement had become something important for many celebrities. Of course, many of them thought that the plastic surgery can give them better or best look. They wail take the risk, even though it doesn’t always give good result and spend a lot of money to pay.

Seeing from her current appearance, it seems Tony got fillers injection on her cheek. Dr. Michael Salzhauer, a plastic surgeon even commented. He noticed that Toni’s face has different look. He believed that the fillers was injected on her cheek. While, in solving the aging problem on her forehead. Tony possibly got the wrinkles removed

Toni Braxton Nose Job and Breast Implants

Rhinoplasty had change her face significantly. This surgery had reconstructed-her nose. it appeared with slimmer shape. As you know that she used to have wider nose with bigger tip. She might feel better with her nice new nose.

Toni Braxton Breast Implants
Toni Braxton Breast Implants

Another surgery that she got was the breast implants. The sign of Toni Braxton breast implants looked obvious. She got bigger and rounder breasts after the boob job. Surprisingly, there was a news that said Toni got boob job for posing in adult magazine, Playboy.

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