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Toni Collette Plastic Surgery Before and After, Fact or Rumor?

Antonia Collette or Toni Collette is known well as an Australian actress. She is now 42 years old. She is listed as one of views Australian celebrities who went under knife. Was it true? We guessed the speculation was reasonable. Toni Collete maintained her beauty nicely.

From the speculations spread, Toni Collette might do some cosmetic surgeries at least facelift and botox injection.

Toni Collette Plastic Surgery
Toni Collette Plastic Surgery

Facelift and botox Injection
this kind of procedure has been used mostly by the celebrities. Even though it took a lot of money to pay, but for celebrities, they will have no worry about the fee. the rumor said that Toni might do a facelift to re-tighten her face. However, the sign of surgery was not seen. If only she really did it, she might hire a skillful plastic surgeon.

in our opinion, the rumor was untrue. it’s purely just a speculation. You may see in the after picture. It was taken in 2014. The sign of aging looked naturally appear. the lines on her forehead looked obvious. Toni Collete might feel disturbed. But as a celebrity, she actually can’t avoid any kinds of speculations.

The rumor about her plastic surgery was not new story. Earlier, in 2009, she had been said having botox injection. In the same time, Dr. Sherrel J. Ashton responded the speculation. In her opinion, the doctor didn’t see any sign of plastic surgery on her face. That means Dr. Sherrel stated that the speculation was untrue.

Different fro Dr. Sherrel, Dr.Paul Nassif noticed if she got a little amount of botox to keep her face younger than usual. How about now? Did you see any plastic surgery done?

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