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Tori Spelling Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong Before and After

Tori Spelling might never think of plastic surgery could make a big risk to her life. She looked change a lot, and the result is far from what she had wished. Recently she had revealed that she had done platic surgeries and she also admitted that the plastic surgery that she got was bad.

From the changes of the look, Tori Spelling actually got some procedures including Breast Augmentation, Nose Job and Tummy tuck, and some fillers injection.

Tori spelling plastic surgery breast implants
Tori spelling plastic surgery breast implants

Breast Augmentation
This procedure made a big change on the size of her breast. Dr.Michael Salzhauer, a plastic surgeon noticed that she got breast implants after seeing her current breast.But, Dr. Salzhauer commented that the breast implant (boob job) she did was not good for her body. The current breast looked too big for her thin body.

Tori Spelling Plastic Surgery Nose Job
Tori Spelling Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Nose Job,
if you live in America and see the celebrities there everyday, you might realize that many of them had a changed the shape of their nose. Yes, rhinoplasty or nose job is very popular among the celebrities. Tori Spelling might be very interested as well. She got a nosee job and reconstruct her nose. However, her plan is just a plan. the fact is her nose job was failed.

You might also think that her previous nose looked so much more beautiful and natural than the new one. After having multiple nose jobs, her current nose looked narrower, the bridge looked very slim, and the tip also got smaller shape. It didn’t have a nice shape. It made her face looked weird and strange. She look like someone else.

tori spelling plastic surgery before after
tori spelling plastic surgery before after

Botox and Fillers.
Her face seems very different and flawless. The botox injection had got a rid all the wrinkles on her face and made it clear. While the fillers made some areas on her face looked puffy. The lips and cheek also got an injection to make it more nutritious. however, she was not wise enough to use the amount. It looke a bit too aggressive.

Tummy Tuck
another plastic surgery that she might have. This procedure was possibly done to make her slim and flat belly back after pregnancy.

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