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Tracy Pollan Plastic Surgery Before and After

Tracy Pollan is best known as an American actress. Despite she is not too active in acting today, she still attracted a lot of people,especially her fans. Some of you might wonder how she looks like today. We noticed that the 54 years old actress looked having some thing done to her appearance. Se looked a bit different from she used to be. It seems Tracy Pollan plastic surgery is not just a rumor. Let’s check it out.

What kinds of plastic surgery that she possible got?

Tracy Pollan Plastic Surgery
Tracy Pollan Plastic Surgery

Tracy’s appearance indicated that she might go under some procedures. It could be a facelift, botox, eyelid surgery and fillers injection. Those surgeries are a set of procedures for rejuvenating someone’s look.

Botox Injection

This procedure is not a new thing. It has been used by a lot of people as aging solver. Tracy Pollan might get this procedure regularly in recent years. Did you see the forehead area? We can’t identify the clear existence of wrinkles and lines as the signs of aging. Her face looked so smooth for a common woman in that age. Many people are sure that botox has removed the wrinkles away from  her face.

Tracy Pollan Plastic Surgery Before and After
Tracy Pollan Plastic Surgery Before and After

Tracy Pollan Facelift

The usage of botox is usually combined with facelift. The sign of the facelift was seen from her face too. Common woman in the same age usually got a little loose skin. But we can’t find any lose skin or sagging skin on Tracy’s face. It’s completely tight and fresh. In fact, she looked 10 year younger than she must be. Michael J Fox’ wife might have already felt the sensation.

Eyelid Surgery and Fillers Injection

The other surgeries that were seen from her face were possibly on the eyes and the lips shape. Tracy’s eyes looked refreshed. The eyes might be done through eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty). Her eyes looked nice and youthful. It didn’t get wrinkles or bags surround it. While, the shape of her lips showed a fillers injection done. The lips looked fuller than before. Juvederm or restylane should be the kinds of fillers she might use.

Talking about her appearance, Tracy Pollan plastic surgery was done well. She looked younger now. What do you have in mind about her appearance? She looks great doesn’t she?

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