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Tyra Banks Nose Job Before and After

Tyra Banks is a former model and also a TV personality. The 40 years old lady had ever told the medis several years ago that she didn’t go under the knife yet. She also claimed that sghe against the plastic surgery. Her statement brought a lot of comments from the public especilaly when the people found that Tyra got significant change on her appearance. She got different nose now.

Tyra Banks Nose Job
Tyra Banks Nose Job

Tyra Banks Nose job

we guessed it’s no longer a speculation. You might see from the before and after picture. the nose job (rhinoplasty) result looked so obvious. Tyra used to have a wider nose with a more bulbous tip. Then see the after picture. You will see that her nose looked narrower. The tip also got a smaller shape. In fact, she can’t avoid the fact. Was it the effect of makeup? It’s hard to see it as make up result.

You may have an idea about what happen to her. did you see it as plastic surgery? If this is a real nose job, it proved that rhinoplasty had become a trend in celebrity world. The procedure also can build a new image of a person.

Talking about her new appearance, the nose job had been applied nicely. Her nose made her face looked sweet and strong. The nose looked so elegant and good. What do you have in mind after seeing Tyra Banks Nose Job?

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