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Uma Thurman Plastic Surgery Before and After

Uma Karuna Thurman is an actress and also a former model. She appeared in movies Kill Bill (along side Daryl Hannah). Like Daryl, Uma was also said having plastic surgery procedures. However, Daryl Hannah didn’t get any good things with the surgeries. How was Uma?
The speculation about plastic surgery appeared due to her current appearance. She still looked gorgeous and adorable even though she is nearly 50 years old.

Uma Thurman Plastic Surgery Before and After
Uma Thurman Plastic Surgery Before and After

There are 3 kinds of procedures that are so closed to her. They are botox injection, fillers injection and also a nose job. Could it be true?

Botox injection

The botox injection usage is reasonable. Because Uma has been getting older. And commonly the aging is the main problem. She might realize that the sign of aging had already approached her. Fighting the aging has been done by a lot of celebrities so far. And the botox is no longer far friend.

Uma might get botox injection regularly. As the result, her face today looked fresh and smooth. the wrinkles and lines had been removed. Seeing her current look, the botox was done nicely and not overdone.

fillers injection.
the people noticed the cheek and lips get fillers injection. hose two areas looked fuller than before. The fillers in the cheek could be done to support her rejuvenation treatment. And the lip injection was done to make it sexier. it looked more alive.

Uma Thurman Plastic Surgery
Uma Thurman Plastic Surgery

Nose job

Talking about the nose job, the speculation was still debatable. we will hardly find the truth. It was said that the nose job was done in earlier of career. You may see the picture. Did you see it as plastic surgery result?

The magical effect of plastic surgery had attracted a lot of people. Aging and perfectness are two factors that become the basic reason why the people love to do it. It can change their appearance no matter how old they are. Some ofthem even ignore the big risk .

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