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Vera Farmiga Plastic Surgery Before and After

Vera Farmiga had become nice headline in recent moments. The 41 years old actress was said having some enhancements to make her appearance better. The medias ever caught her on the way home after going to a plastic surgeon’s office. Vera looked having a rhinoplasty (nose job).

Vera Farmiga Plastic Surgery Before and After
Vera Farmiga Plastic Surgery Before and After

You can compared the two photos of her (in different time). In the past, Vera used to have a nose with big bump on it. After having rhinoplasty, her appearance looked having significant change. The nose no longer got bump. It had become a straighter and more defined nose.

Talking about the result of the plastic surgery, Vera actually got nice nose. She might be very pleased with the result. Do you think the same?

Beside that, Vera also looked fresher now. The cheek looked fuller that made her even younger.The people noticed it as the result of cheek implants or fillers injection. Considering from her age which has been 41. It seems Vera already got a reason to have it. And we also believed that she had taken botox injection regularly to save her appearance from the aging. She looked so fresh for a common 40s woman.

What do you have in mind after seeing the before and after picture? share it in the comments box then.

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