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Victoria Beckham Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Victoria Caroline Beckham, is one of the most successful and talented English celebrity. Earlier, she was best known as a member of Music Group, Spice Girls. And she married an English football superstar, David Beckham in 1999.  Many people loved to find out everything related to Victoria and David’s story. Victoria Beckham plastic surgery also had become the hottest topic in some forums.

Victoria Beckham Plastic Sugery Before and After
Victoria Beckham Plastic Sugery Before and After

Talking about her current appearance the talented woman looked having significant change, especially her face. This is an indication of plastic surgery work.

What kinds of plastic surgery that she might have so far? Based on the news and speculation, it seems, Victoria got botox, fillers injection on her face. She also got her nose reconstructed through rhinoplasty. Further, Victoria Beckham breast implants was revealed  in a moment.

This topic invited various comments from public and expert. Stephen Handisides, a plastic surgery expert from, told that he noticed some works on Victoria’s face. He saw the work of fillers on the cheek, a nose job, and botox benefit.  Some people criticized her new face. It looked abit unnatural. Don’t you agree?

The sign of Victoria Beckham nose job looks pretty obvious. Compared to the previous nose, the new one appeared with slimmer shape. And the tip got smaller.

Victoria Beckham Breast Implants and Reduction
Victoria Beckham Breast Implants and Reduction

Victoria Beckham Breast Implants and Reduction

Based on some sources, Victoria had gone under a breast augmentation in 2005. However the implant had already been removed. The former Spice Girl member had admitted them. She did a boob job to enhance the size. But it was removed after couple of years, You can see the breast transformation on the picture. The change of her boob s looked significant. Some people called her boobs like torpedoes (after boob job). Now  the size looks normal like she used to have.

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