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Victoria Osteen Plastic Surgery Before and After

Victoria Osteen is a popular Pastor from Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas. She is 53 years old now. And her appearance is still attractive and youthful. Is it a gift from God? Many people don’t believe that her youthful look was a natural gift. It is mostly like plastic surgery result. If only the speculation was true. Victoria Osteen will add the list of plastic surgery member among the pastors. You might know well about Paula White (you can read the plastic surgery story about her too here).

Victoria Osteen Plastic Surgery
Victoria Osteen Plastic Surgery

By seeing the her current look, Victoria Osteen might get botox injection and facelift too.

Those botox and facelift are popular procedures that were done by many people to fight the aging problem. The two could make great combination . If it was done well, then the user will look younger than he/she should be. But if not, the user will have a big disaster, like Kim Novak did.

Seeing from Victoria’s face, she looked too flawless for her age to be honest. She didn’t have any sagging skin or wrinkles on her face. The facelift might have tighten her sagging skin. And the wrinkles were removed by the botox. That’s why the speculation might be true. It’s so unfortunate that there was no a single confirmation from her about it. That makes the people keep it a mystery.

Many people even wonder if she got surgery to always get perfect look on stage. How about you? Do you think that she get some procedures on her face? Share your opinion/comments on the available box. don’t forget to share.


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