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Viola Davis Plastic Surgery Fact or Rumor?

Viola Davis is recently known best for her role in “How to Get Away with Murder”. Viola today has been 49 years old. As an actress, she can’t avoid many speculations that approached her. Many people noticed that there was a change on her appearance. And they also assumed that Viola might take a procedure to keep her appearance fresh as always. Viola Davis plastic surgery speculations might be not just a rumor. It even made plastic surgeons shared their opinions.

Viola Davis Plastic Surgery
Viola Davis Plastic Surgery

What kind of plastic surgery she probably got?

Dr. Jennifer Walden was one of doctors that looked interested to discuss about Viola and surgery speculations. However, Dr. Walden didn’t think that Viola got any surgery done on her face. She believed Viola Davis got natural look with no enhancement.

While, the other plastic surgeons, Dr Nassif and Dr. Anthony Youn got different ideas. Dr. Paul saw a nose job (rhinoplasty) on the change of the nose shape. And Dr. Youn believed that botox injection had a important role in rejuvenating her look.

Viola Davis Plastic Surgery Nose Job
Viola Davis Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Viola Davis Nose Job

Viola might get a nose job to refine the shape of her nose. A rhinoplasty expert, Dr. Paul Nassif told makemeheal that Viola might get an implant in the dorsum area, while the procedure also made the tip of the nose got thinner look.

How was the botox injection? the speculation about it was told by Dr. Youn. He noticed that the botox was done on the smile area near the lips. Considering from her age, it was reasonable if she got botox. Many people also assumed that the botox was done regularly on the face. That’s why, in this age, she didn’t get any old look. She still looked fresh and wrinkle-less.

How do you see Viola Davis Plastic Surgery speculations? Do you agree? or do you have different idea?

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