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Vivica Fox Plastic Surgery Pictures

Vivica Fox is an American actress who had become popular in many forums. He was listed among the celebrities who went under multiple surgery to enhance the look. Vivica appeared as a sexier and hot woman. She got an enhancement on her breasts through the breast implants. Moreover, she got other two surgery on her lips and the nose too.

Vivica Fox Plastic Surgery Pictures, breast Implants
Vivica Fox Plastic Surgery Pictures, breast Implants

Breast implants
the first shocking plastic surgery on her body was the breast implants (boob job). From the before and after picture we an see how well the breast implants performed. The size of her breast looked bigger than before. Se might dream like many other women to have big boobs. Because for many women, having big breast can build sexiness and confidence

Vivica Fox Plastic Surgery
Vivica Fox Plastic Surgery

Nose Job
the second procedure could be seen from the shape of her nose. Is it nose job? This procedure is so popular in America.It’s not too surprising to see a celebrity got a nose job. But it’s still good to discuss. Vivica used to get a wider nose with a bit bigger tip. After the nose job, her nose now looked narrower with a smaller tip. The nose job was done nicely without problem. More importantly, Vivica is sill recognizable.

lip injection
another surgery that made her appearance different was the lip injection. The procedure made her lips fullers. a kind of fillers like juvederm, restylane or even collagen could be injected on her lips. That’s why her lips reappeared with a more nutritious and sexier look.

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