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Walking Dead Star, Lauren Cohan Plastic Surgery Fact or Rumor?

If you are “Walking Dead” lovers, you must know Maggie. Maggie is the one of the characters in Walking Dead TV series. The actress who played as Maggie is Lauren Cohan. She is a very attractive and hot actress. In this TV program, she looks so close to Steven Yeun (Glenn). Many people hoped that they will be a true couple in the real life.

Talking about Lauren Cohan’s appearance, we have no doubt that she was truly interesting. You might never feel bored each time you watch her in TV. She also got beautiful body figure. Some people wondered if she had been helped by doctor to enhance her look. Based on the speculation, it seems, Lauren Cohan got breast implants.

Lauren Cohan Plastic Surgery Breast Implants
Lauren Cohan Plastic Surgery Breast Implants

Could it be? Lauren Cohan plastic surgery thread has been discussed by many people in forums. You might see whether it was a fact or rumor by seeing the before and after picture. In the picture, Lauren looks having bigger size of boobs now. She looks hotter with big boobs. This is a big indication of Lauren Cohan breast implants.

Moreover, this kind of procedure had been done by many celebrities in America. Demi Lovato, Jennifer Aniston, Margot Robbie are some celebrities who were reported having the boob job. It won’t be surprising if Lauren Cohan got the same.

The boob job  maybe the most obvious change on her body. She didn’t look having any other procedures. Unfortunately, the 33 years old actress has no time to explain about it. The people are just able to discuss. What do you have in mind about Lauren Cohan plastic surgery? Leave your opinion.

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