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Wendi Deng Plastic Surgery Before and After

Wendi Deng, 46 is best known as a business woman. She was born in China, but she grew up as an American woman. Wendi Deng’s name become a new topic surprisingly. Because she appeared with a very tight and smooth face. Even though she has been over 40 now. There’s an indication that she kept her youthful appearance through some cosmetic surgeries. Wendi might get the facelift and botox injection and possibly eyelid surgery.

Wendi Deng Plastic Surgery Before and After
Wendi Deng Plastic Surgery Before and After

Botox and facelift
Her face has been rejuvenated. She didn’t look like common 46 years old woman. This indicated that she had gone through some procedure to enhance and refresh her face. The botox and facelift might be the surgeries that she had. the sign of botox usage could be seen from her face. It looked so fresh and smooth. We also hardly find the wrinkles or lines.
Beside that the facelift also might be collaborated with the botox. It seems Wendi had tightened her facial skin with this procedure.

Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty)
this kind of procedure might also be used by Wendi. It was seen from the shape of her eyes. She got a more open shape. It didn’t look like common Chinese eyes. (Julie Chen did the same thing to enhance her look).

Fillers Injection

Last but not least, there’s also a big indication that she got fillers injection on her cheek area and the lips as well. those two areas looked fresh and fuller. She looked younger and sexier with them.

Wendi Deng Plastic Surgery
Wendi Deng Plastic Surgery

Recently, many media found a photo of her when she was still so young. By comparing the pictures. She looked having a lot of differences. She didn’t only get her life better, but she also got brighter look. What do you have in mind?

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