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Wendy Williams Plastic Surgery Before and After

Wendy Williams is known best as a comedian and also a TV personality. She is quite popular. However, the people saw her as a different person lately. Wendy didn’t look like the same Wendy i n the past. Plastic surgery was said as the reason behind it. Wendy got an overdone work. You can see it on her face clearly. Her face looked smooth and a bit swollen (probably caused by the fillers). Furher she might also got a nose job, liposuction and boob job.

Wendy Williams Plastic Surgery
Wendy Williams Plastic Surgery

Botox injection

The indication of the botox injection could be seen from her face. It appeared so smoothly without wrinkles and lines. She must have this procedure to keep her face youthful. It might be done nicely and not overdone. Sadly, the other surgeries on her face were far from the people’s expectation.

Fillers injection

the second procedure was the fillers injection. If you see the shape of her cheek you will see how it was done. She got her cheek full of fillers and almost swollen.Many people dislike it. the fillers made her face looked unnatural and plumped. This thing made her face looked a bit scary. She had lost her natural beauty.

Nose job
The third procedure was the nose job (rhinoplasty). If you compare between her previous and the latest picture, the significant change on the nose looked obvious. It appeared with narrower bridge. It also made her bulbous tips got smaller shape. However, some people think that the nose job was actually unneeded. Her old nose looked better and more natural for her face.

Wendy Williams Plastic Surgery, Breast Implants, Liposuction
Wendy Williams Plastic Surgery, Breast Implants, Liposuction

Boob Job and liposuction
Further, the change could be seen from the shape of her breasts, This area turned a lot bigger and rounder than before. having big breasts had already been women’s dream. To have big boobs will made a woman more confident and sexier.  She might think the same. But, the breast implants only made her body strange. The breast looked too big for her body.

Beside that, she also took liposuction to reduce an amount of fat on her body. It made her body looked curvier. The boob job and liposuction could be done after she gave birth to her son.

Talking about the plastic surgery that she got in recent years, Wendy Williams told the public that she enjoyed with her current appearance. She even looked more confident, even though some people think that she had gone too far with the surgery procedures.
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