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Won Bin Plastic Surgery Before and After

if you are a Korean movie and drama lovers, then you might know this guy a lot, Won Bin. The 37 years old Korean actor had become do popular in this country and almost in the entire Asia. He is also popular in some other countries in Europe and America. He was blessed with handsome and attractive look. There’s no doubt if a lot of women dreamed him as their ideal type of men. As a Korean star, Won Bin actually can’t avoid a  speculation that approach him especially for the beauty enhancement. Won Bin plastic surgery has become one of hottest topic in some discussion forums.

Won Bin Plastic Surgery fact or Rumor
Won Bin Plastic Surgery fact or Rumor

Is Won Bin plastic surgery news true?

Most of his fans doesn’t believe that Won Bin had gone under the knife so far. They claim that their idol was blessed with natural look. The topic about Won Bin plastic surgery was still debatable. Based on the rumors spread, Won Bin might get a procedure to refine the shape of his eyes. He was said having double eyelid surgery to make a perfect shape for his eyes.

Won Bin Plastic Surgery
Won Bin Plastic Surgery

if you take a look at his before and after picture, you might realize that his eyes looked having better shape now. Many Korean celebrities went under the same procedure. As you know that double eyelid surgery is quite popular among the Korean stars. In Korean plastic surgery cases, it was used to make someone’s eyes wider and bigger. IU, Han Ye Seul, Ryeowook are some of celebrities that might get double eyelid.

However, it can’t be easily concluded that the speculation was true. most of his fans claimed that he got his eyes different due to the make up technique, nothing more.

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