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Xena, Lucy Lawless Plastic Surgery

Lucy Lawless is quite popular. She used to appear in Xena: The Warrior Princess. And last year, she just completed the TV Series: Spartacus. The 46  years old lady become the people attention. Because, she still looks beautiful and youthful. There’s a big indication that she went under the knife since few years ago. Earlier, Lucy had already been discussed in forums related to her plastic surgery. Based on the speculations, she got breast implants, botox injection and fillers injection.

Lucy Lawless Plastic Surgery
Lucy Lawless Plastic Surgery

Botox Injection

Botox injection had been a need for some celebrities. They got this procedure to make their appearance younger. The botox should be the main reason why she looked so flawless in this age. She got no wrinkle and lines left on her face. She kept maintaining her beauty pretty well.

Dr. Michael Salzhauer told the media that he noticed botox done on her face. In the same moment, another plastic surgeon, Dr.Paul Nassif also got the same idea. He also assumed that Lucy might get the fillers injection too.

Fillers injection

This procedure was seen from the shape of her cheek. The cheek area looked fuller now. As Dr. Nassif had told, this could be the effect of the fillers injection. The fillers was nicely done. This is a good work.

Talking about her current appearance, both doctors believed that Lucy Lawless didn’t do any major plastic surgery procedures. The minor work made her appearance looked great and still look natural.

How’s the breast implants speculation?

Lucy Lawless Breast Implants
Lucy Lawless Breast Implants

Breast implants

From some photos, it seems Lucy got breast implants. Her boobs looked bigger and rounder. However, this was just a pure speculation. Moreover, the plastic surgeons also didn’t see any proof about the breast implants work on her body. While, her curvy body looked was said as the result of her effort in regular exercising.

What do you think of Lucy’s current appearance? do you think that she was helped by plastic surgery enhancements?


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