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Yolanda Foster Plastic Surgery Fact or Rumor

You have already known that almost all the Real housewives stars had gone under the knife (read more about the Real Housewives plastic surgery. How is Yolanda Foster plastic surgery? This thread has not been confirmed. However, many people thought that she may have some beauty enhancements, especially for the aging problem. Yolanda Foster is 51 years old now. There’s a big indication that she used botox and went under facelift. Some people also saw a change on the nose, a sign of rhinoplasty.

Yolanda Foster plastic surgery through facelift and botox

Botox and facelift could be great combination when they were done well. These procedures are quite popular among the old celebrities. By seeing her current appearance, it seems the speculation was reasonable. Yolanda looks fresher and younger than her own age. She also appeared with smooth and wrinkle-less face. Her facial skin also looked tight. She may get the combination of botox and facelift. However, from some sources, Yolanda denied it.  She said that she got natural fresh look. She didn’t do any kinds of beauty enhancement.

Yolanda Foster Plastic Surgery
Yolanda Foster Plastic Surgery

Yolanda Foster Nose Job

another plastic surgery that was mentioned by the people is a rhinoplasty. Why don’t you try to compare the before and after picture to find it. Was Yolanda Foster nose job true? In the after picture, it seems her nose had turned to be a slimmer nose.

Yolanda Foster Lyme disease
Yolanda Foster Lyme disease

The change on her face was not the only thing that made many people curious. In this year, Yolanda’s health issue revealed another surgery that was done by her. It was a boob job. Due to the Lyme disease, the doctors who  treated Yolanda Foster found silicone in her breasts. Based on the news, the silicone had been implanted for 20 years. After removing the implant. now Yolanda felt better. Yolanda Foster breast implants were actually unrevealed before the doctor’s treat.

What do you have in mind about Yolanda Foster plastic surgery? Do you think that the nose job and facelift was untrue? Leave your opinion in the available box.

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