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Yoon Shi Yoon Plastic Surgery Before and After

Yoon Shi Yoon is apopular actor from Korea. He ever played alongside Park Shin Hye in popular Korean Drama, “Flower Boys Next Door”. Behind his good looking, he might be helped by some surgery enhancements. From the before and after pictures, he looked having double eyelid surgery and nose job.

You have already known that both nose job and double eyelid surgery are quite popular in Korea. Many celebrities had already got those surgeries to make their appearance looked perfect. You might know Jung Sisters, Jessica Jung and Krystal Jung. Both Jessica and Krystal had gone under plastic surgeries.

Yoon Shi Yoon Plastic Surgery
Yoon Shi Yoon Plastic Surgery

Nose Job

The first change can be seen from the shape of the nose. Compare to his previous nose, Yoon’s new nose looked having slimmer nose. It’s clearly a plastic surgery work. The plastic surgeon had successfully made the nose better. it’s fortunate that the plastic surgery ran successfully. Jang Geun Suk, Lee Min Ho, Kim Jaejoong are some other male celebrity who got  a nose job.

Double eyelid surgery

another surgery that he got was the double eyelid surgery. Among the Korean plastic surgery cases, most of them had double eyelid surgery to make their eyes bigger and no longer narrow. Yoon might get it as well. His eyes looked more open now.

Even though Yoon Shi Yoon didn’t say anything about it, we guess the change on his face can’t be denied. he didn’t look the same man after the surgery. However, it’s a relieved that he is still recognizable. What do you have in mind about his new appearance? Does he look great?

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