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Yoona Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

SNSD, a girl band from Korea recently had become the most popular group in Asia. It’s not just about their good song or talent. But they also has beautiful and attractive look. Im Yoona is one of the most popular among them. Yoona grew well as beautiful young lady. She also has ideal and hot body too. Many people even said that she is the cuttest one of all. However, behind the beauty, Im Yoona was controversially discussed by many people in forum. There’s a rumor that said Yoona is plastic surgery patient. was the rumor true?This issue had made shocking moment.
The people noticed that Im Yoona got different nose and jaw.

Yoona Plastic Surgery
Yoona Plastic Surgery

Nose Job
Nose Job or known well as a rhinoplasty might have been done by Yoona. It might be a little tough to find out the difference, but if you look at it closer, then you will find it. Her current nose looked narrower with more pointed tip. She just got a very succcessful nose job.The shape of her nose looked elegant on her face. This is a nice enhancement.

Yoona plastic surgery chin implants
Yoona plastic surgery chin implants or jaw surgery

Jaw surgery
The Lee Seung Gi’s girlfriend was also reported having another enhancement on her face. This time she reshape her jawline. By having this procedure, Yoona got a bit smaller jaw that give impact to the shape of her face, a bit more oval. Yoona also got a more pointed chin. This might also be caused by a chin implants

Yoona is a member of SNSD. The group which has 9 beautiful ladies was controversially discussed for their beauty enhancement. Let see if all the members went under the knife or not. We bet most of their fans will not accept all the runmors. What do you think?

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